Oriental Rug Cleaning

Preserve your masterpiece Oriental rug with regular cleaning!

Oriental rug makes an incredible centerpiece in any room you place. It is very beautiful and attractive as it is handmade. Just having this beautiful accessory in your house is not enough, proper Oriental rug cleaning is very important. Do not try to clean them by trying any home remedy even if it is about just removing a small stain, because if you do it by yourself you will be ruining your expensive Oriental rug. Oriental rugs are woven by hand and are made up of very delicate fiber and you would not want to use any cleaning procedure which may damage your rug so is always best to get your Oriental rug cleaning done by our professional.

Oriental rug cleaning should be done at least every three years so that you can preserve the integrity, value and beauty of your rug.

We have the best skilled workers who work to satisfy you. We are skilled and expert at cleaning all types of oriental rugs. Our oriental rug cleaning ensures that your rug will be clean and hygienic and we make sure that your rug is treated with utmost care. We have best knowledge and are specialist in Oriental rug cleaning, so when you are choosing us you are choosing the best.

Why Oriental rug cleaning service is important?

  • To prevent damage- It is important to clean your Oriental rug if you want to preserve the value of the rug. Cleaning will eliminate dust, dirt and moths which cause permanent damage to your oriental rug in a long term.
  • To protect your family from health issues- cleaning your rug will remove all the bacteria that may be dangerous to you and your family and will make your rug hygienic
  • To make it look like new: Oriental rug cleaning will make your rug fresh and new and will increase the lifespan. With cleaning you will get to see its original colors once again which you might have forgotten

Our Oriental rug cleaning services are like:

  • Inspecting the rug to see the check the material, origin and status
  • Specialist deep cleaning
  • Stain removal and spot cleaning
  • Deep cleanse your rug in safe antibacterial solution to kill germs
  • Color run and odor removal
  • Treatment moth removal and moth protection
  • Perform rug repairs
  • Dry and store your rug in dry and secure area
  • Pest treatment
  • Soil and stain protector
  • Treatment for pet urine
  • Allergy treatment

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