Area Rug Cleaning

No one can clean area rugs better than our professionals!

Area rug cleaning is the stylish accessory found in almost every home. It adds beauty to your home and makes is cozy and inviting. Maintaining and cleaning area rug is also very important to keep it hygienic and fresh.


Area rugs are exposed to the great amount of wear and tear regularly. They attract dust, dirt, mud, odors and oils because of heavy foot traffic, pet accidents and spills. So proper area rug cleaning and maintenance is must to increase its lifespan and prevent it from wearing out prematurely.


When it is about area rugs cleaning, always look for professional rug cleaning. You may feel that you can clean it by yourself but it could actually backfire, you can end up damaging the rugs because you may have used wrong cleaning solutions or scrubbed too hard. Area rugs need gentle and effective cleaning as it has delicate fibers and only our well-trained technician knows how to handle delicate fiber in your rug.


We are expert in area rugs cleaning and aim at delivering the best service to our customers. We believe in delivering exceptional and on-time service. Keep your area rugs looking beautiful and like new by hiring our professionals for regular cleaning.

Why you should hire us for area rug cleaning:

  • We are equipped with every necessary thing that requires for area rug cleaning. Our technicians are aware that every area rug cleaning method differs. For that reason, we first analyze your area rugs and take a note of any heavily-soiled or high-traffic areas that require special care and attention.
  • We determine which cleaning solution is best for your area rug ‘s particular weave, fibers and dyes and then we use advanced processes and superior quality equipment to achieve thoroughly clean your rugs and remove dirt, stains and odors
  • We use hot-water extraction method on area rugs as it is very gentle method and highly effective which will renew the beauty of your area rugs
  • Then the rugs are prepared for drying, some rugs are hung to dry naturally while some are dried flat and some are dried using fresh air breeze. In the process of drying rugs, our technician comb or brush to regain the natural beauty of your rug.
  • We do not use any harsh chemicals or rough machines in washing or drying your area rugs
  • After the vacuuming and grooming the rug, thorough examinations is done to make sure that it is perfectly clean before it returns to you. If they are not, then we repeat the process again that might be necessary to provide you with the cleanest rug possible.
  • Once the area rug looks and smells great, it is delivered to your place and arranged according to your specifications

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